you are belong to you in the past and in the future. The past make you wise, the future make you brave


I don’t know exactly what kind of topic I want to write. Maybe I just want to summarize my life’s experiences. If I think about my past until now, I’m so grateful. I always get everything what I had dreamed. I mean, I got everything that I want. I got it all not as easy as people think, I had to try harder than anyone else, I had to threw away all the laziness inside of myself, and did anything else that maybe somebody else didn’t want to.


By the time I graduated, maybe I didn’t get or didn’t work in a good company. But, I interested with the job. I was believing it was one of the way for me to learned and growth so that I deserved something better. I had kept on believing and as time went by, with all the hard work, now I see the results. I wasn’t coming from a reputable university, nor have an influence person in one of company, but I thank God because my path had turned into great way. It all wasn’t easy, I mean I won’t write all my pain here because there are so many things that I had through to become I am now. I had to deal with myself, with people around me, with problems I had facing, but that all was depending on myself, was how I overcome my difficult time to kept my goals set on the direction. Now, I know I still have to work harder to keep it on the line, because it’s not about how you get it, it’s about how you stick on what you already have.


Is it regretness?

I’ve been thinking about “why I’m here.. This is not worthy.. This is not what I am supposed to.. and bla bla bla”. Sad. Maybe I am on the regretness of the decision I took approximately 2 months ago. *crying on the corner*

I don’t know, 2 months since I decided to resign from my previous company, I feel like everything was empty (related to career life, of course). I gradually lost an excitement of exploring something. I really don’t like this condition. You know, recently I just get tired in my life by doing my activities such as wake up in the morning with the laziness, go to the office with no feeling great, always ask to myself to calm and relax with a positive thought that everything will be okay, and the unpleasant part I have to face is hate to someone which I don’t like the feeling to hate. Maybe it’s not hate, but the allergic feeling to not too much having interact further. It’s bad, it’s not healthy. I have to quit from this condition.

You only have two choices when you are on the wrong place, continuing or leaving.

I hope I’ll find better job soon.


We never regret for something happened in the past,

we regret because of something that we’ve expected of the things we had put on was too high.

We regret because we’ve realized that it shouldn’t happen to us, and that was too late to realized that we’ve been on the wrong tracks. Then the whispered on our thought just like “if I could go back to the time when I can think clearly” LOL

But the saddest thing of all those regrets is,

we’ve never took any lessons from it.

So, I’ll make some notes to everyone to become strong and hope that all of you would never do the same wrong way on the next phase 😀 (Do these mean to me too? haha I don’t know :p)

here they are …

  1. Love yourself first, more than others
  2. Don’t fall in love too fast. Believe in process. Nothing’s good come too fast. It needs time
  3. Dare to say ‘no’ if it needed
  4. Never do the same mistakes
  5. Do any sacrifice if it needed
  6. Believe in God, in every ways.

Good luck!


If I thought about yesterday, I felt so fool.

I cried because of the songs I’ve heard over the night.

I cried because of the places that we have ever visited, and today I am here.

I cried because some memories..

Memories are just things that never wrong. It depends on perception by our heart. All depend on how we response everything.




Today, I have make decision

to deal with everything,

to deal with memories.



Sometimes, I hope that someday you’ll knock my door, then hug me while wipe my tears.. Ask me for to be with you forever. You don’t care about the world, because all that you do is about us. Together we fight for everything.

But then I realize,

It would never happen. It’s just a dream that never to be come true.

in fact, love is not only about us, but people around us.

As time goes by.. I understand.

All those happened give me so many lessons, to start again, to open that door for another one. (even though, I don’t know when that door ready to be knocked).

Thank you for everything.

For always have been there in my hardest time.

For cares you have given to me.

For the love we’ve shared.

For the laugh we’ve done.

For your kindness.

I hope for the best in your life.